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Melanie Connell  MA  LPC

Counselor & Nutrition Therapist

Licenced Professional Counselor

Melanie Connell

Licenced Professional Counselor

My Services

Individual Counseling

Helping individuals with wholeness by healing the psychological, spiritual, biological and social aspects of life.

Couples Counseling

Helping couples connect through assessing and addressing personality, communication, emotional regulation, conflict resolution, and emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy.

Family Counseling

Helping parents, adolescents, and children learn to connect through collaborative problem-solving, freedom management, and heart-to-heart connection.

Nutrition Therapy

Assessing symptoms and lifestyle choices and collaboratively guiding individuals toward healthier nutritional choices to achieve greater physical and mental health.

Public Speaking

Communicating inspirational, relational, and educational topics to corporations, organizations, professional teams, churches and educational institutions. 


Facilitating powerful weekend gatherings that propel relational growth.


Presenting a variety of subjects that address emotional, spiritual, neurobiological, nutritional, and relational health.


Providing interactive, informative, and life-enhancing workshops that inspire, heal, and empower people for wholehearted living.



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